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Coffee Connoisseur's Secrets

Coffee is far more than simply the brew that wakes people up in the morning. Coffee shops dot the city streets around the world with specialty coffee drinks drawing lines of customers. We will share the nuances of coffee from how to select the roast that suits your palate, to secret recipes of your favorite specialty drinks. We even have some marvelous recipes using coffee as a flavoring or spice to add a very special touch. If you love coffee, you will love these secrets. affiliate

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The Coffee Connoisseur's Secrets

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tassimo Coffee Maker Not Just Another Single Cup Coffee Machine

Tassimo Coffee Maker Not Just Another Single Cup Coffee Machine

The TASSIMO Suprema Bosch machine is a one-cup brewing system that works exclusively with TASSIMO DISCS (T DISCS).

A truly unique system, the TASSIMO coffee machine makes a wide variety of hot beverages incredibly quick and easy.

You won`t find this technology anywhere else. Each T DISC features a special barcode with unique information to tell the machine the size of the drink, the amount of water required, its optimal temperature, and how long to brew it.

All the brewing happens inside the T DISCs, keeping the machine clean and ready to use. Simply insert a T DISC and press a button - The Bosch TASSIMO Hot Beverage System does the rest.

Tassimo Coffee Maker And Tassimo T Disc Coffees

About the Tassimo Hot Beverage System and T Discs

If you unfamiliar with the variety of hot beverages the Tassimo Coffee Maker By Bosch can make, you will be pleasantly surpised. The new Bosch Tassimo beverage system is completely compatible with all of the current T Discs as well. The system can deliver the following from over 40 varieties of hot beverages delivered in a T Disc format:

Lattes and Cappuccinos
Hot Chocolate

You will find some of your favorite coffees in T Discs that work in the Bosch Tassimo hot beverage system including Starbucks Coffee, Seattle's Best, Gevalia, Maxwell House, and others.

The Tassimo system is also the only hot beverage system to feature liquid shelf stable milk in a single serve coffee format. The milk T Discs are filled with hyper-pasteurized milk, making the lattes and cappuccinos produced from the Tassimo very buttery, and delicious. The only other beverage system that adequately compares when using powdered milk is the Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Features and Difference of the Braun Tassimo and the Bosch Tassimo

So what's been updated and improved on the Bosch Tassimo hot beverage system compared to the older Braun Tassimo model?

The Bosch Tassimo design has a classy, modern style. The adjustable cup stand accommodates most cup sizes making it flexible to meet your needs and the Tassimo brewer is capable of customizing the strength of each beverage to your taste by using the manual function.

Making a Cup of Coffee with the Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage System

Making a cup of single serve coffee with the Bosch Tassimo single serve coffee maker is easy. You simply pick out your favorite T Disc, insert it and close the brew head, put your mug underneath, and hit the brew button. You'll have hot coffee in about a minute.

Bosch made the new Tassimo easy to clean with most of the movable parts being dishwasher safe.

The new Tassimo made by Bosch Features:

Chrome finished details and metallic finish

Stainless steel drip tray on adjustable cup stand

Extra large removable 61oz water tank including LCD filter monitor

MAVEA MAXTRA Water filter

UL Approved

Dimensions: 12.3" High x 10.3" Wide x 14.5" Deep Weight: 7.5 lbs Imported.

Compare Tassimo Coffee Maker And T Disc Coffees To Keurig Coffee Maker and Discount K-Cups

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